sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2014

bamos todos ficar um bocado mais cultos

 Para vocês, que nunca tinham pensado nisso:

Ficar. This is one of the Portuguese words meaning ‘to be’. French, English and German have only one such word, Spanish has two, and Portuguese has three. ‘Ser’ and ‘estar’ exist in Spanish also, and suggest in the first case a permanent or essential mode of being (the girl is pale, that’s her natural complexion) and in the second a momentary or passing state (the girl is pale because she is ill). ‘Ficar’ is related to the English ‘fix’, and suggests a completed condition and a precise time and place: the girl is and remains pale because the wolf will not go away. Very helpful distinctions, and we may wonder how we manage without them. Do we manage without them?


E já agora ficai com o "desenrascanço" aqui.

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tchicoesperto disse...

aquele ali é o tim sherwood??

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